10th September 2017

We had a wonderful evening! This was an excellent first experiment with the Farm To Table Dinner, and has given us lots of ideas for the future. 

Despite the weather being cool with some occasional light rain, the huge wood fire made everything very cheerful.

Our chefs came through beautifully for us, as did so many other friends. 

We were all awed by the lovely harvest fruits and flowers supplied for decoration by our friend and market vendor Florence Blackwell (Flowers 'N Stuff), and so impressed by the Toasted Ale and Basil Beer concocted by Ute Pass Brewing Co. 

We have learned to appreciate the generosity of this community more than ever. Our diners were great company, and we hope they had as much fun as did the amazing market volunteers who served them. Special thanks to the four girls of the Manitou High School football team who helped with everything from set-up to take-down.

Our very grateful thanks to everyone, for helping our market intern program. and just for joining the party in any capacity!


All proceeds went to support the Market Intern program. This has been successfully run in Woodland Park for several years and has provided opportunities for several students to join in with special summer projects as well as on site market operations. Overseen by Ogallala Commons (a four-state college association), co-sponsored by Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and Ranch Direct, the market must still supply matching funds, and if we hope to upgrade the program to include a year-round apprenticeship, the market needs to find more funding.

Teller County Farmers Market Association is a 501(c)3 organization, so any donations are fully tax-deductible. Receipts are provided on request for any donation.