Our Vendors come from all over Colorado and provide a variety of products to choose from. Including, Colorado fruits and vegetables, fresh baked bread, honey, coffee, food trucks, and more. We have space for 100 vendors, providing a large variety of products.

If you are a vendor looking to sell at our market please apply here: 

If you have any questions or suggestions please email 


Listed in Top 101 Farmers Markets in the Nation!


At  the summer markets there is live music by both professionals and amateurs. If you are interested in performing at the market send an email to, stating your interests, style of music and dates available.  Links to your music are helpful.


Woodland Park Farmers Market is run by volunteers. As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on volunteers from the community to help our market be a fun and inviting place. It’s a great way to get to know our vendors and other members of the community. 

Open from 8am–1pm in the summer and 9am-1pm in the winter, we need weekly volunteers before, during and after market. Volunteers may work the number of hours and market days they wish.

Contact us if you wish to learn more about volunteer opportunities.


Partnered with Ogallala Commons the market usually employs two interns in summer to help run the market. Each of the interns also has a personal side project to work on, to help the market and community in any way they see fit.

        Please contact Market Manager and Intern Supervisor at or by using the Contact Form for information on intern opportunities.

         The Woodland Park Farmers' Market has been an annual event since 1990. It has received several awards and has 100+ vendors annually at the outdoor summer market.


Whether you’re a regular at Farmers Markets or this weekend will be your first ever… all markets are run differently. Below are the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Lost something at the market?                   

Q: What kinds of products can I find at the WPFM?
A: You’ll find local and regionally grown fruits & vegetables, local and regionally raised meats, plants, flowers & herbs, farm-fresh eggs & dairy products, baked goods, snacks, spices. Our Visiting Vendor program allows a few vendors with some special  items, if there is significant customer interest (olive oil, maple syrup...), and much more.

Q: Where is the Woodland Park Farmers Market located and when is it open?
Summer Market will be at Memorial Park, Center Street & Henrietta Avenue, Woodland Park, CO 80863. The Summer Market is open from first Friday in June to last Friday in September, 8am-1pm.
The Winter Market is open on one Saturday of December, May  from 9am-1pm indoors at the Ute Pass Cultural Center.

Q: How do I get to the market and where do I park?
A: Please visit our Contact webpage for directions. For the Winter Market, parking is available at the front, back and to the side of the Cultural Center. For the Summer Market - There is parking across from City Hall on South Avenue, at the Senior Center (please leave spaces for seniors close to the building), next to the Ute Pass Cultural Center,in Bergstrom Park off Hwy 24, and at various public parking lots in downtown Woodland Park.

Q: Is it free to come to WPFM?
There is no entrance fee & parking is free. You simply pay for what you purchase with any of our farmers, artisans or merchants.

Q: Is the Woodland Park Farmers Market Open when it rains or snows?
A: Yes, the WPFM is a rain or shine market.

Q: Can I purchase Organic Produce at the Woodland Park Farmers Market?
A: Several (but, not all) of our growers and vendors use organic growing methods. Each grower/vendor will be happy to answer any questions about how their produce was grown. Just ask!

Q: Do the Woodland Park Farmers Market Vendors/Farmers accept SNAP/EBT?
A: Absolutely and we highly encourage it! Please stop by the Market Information Booth upon your arrival to get “SNAP vouchers” with your SNAP/EBT card to use at all market vendor sites. We are also participating in the Double Up Colorado program, where double vouchers are given for any vegetable or fruit grown and sold in Colorado, up to $20 per market day.

Q: Do Vendors take Credit Cards?
A: Many of our vendors take credit/debit cards. It is recommended to bring some cash. However, you can visit the Market Information table upon your arrival to get “Market Bucks” with your debit or credit card to use at all vendor sites. There are also several nearby banks/ATM machines within easy walking distance.There is one in the foyer of Ute Pass Cultural Center, outside the Chamber office..

Q: Is the Woodland Park Farmers Market Pet Friendly?
A: Yes! We love friendly and sociable pets. However, they are only allowed at the Outdoor Summer Market. (Pets are not allowed inside the building at the Indoor Winter Market.) Please make sure your pet is on a SHORT leash & doesn’t disturb other shoppers. WPFM is a NO PEE ZONE. You are expected to clean up after your pet should any unfortunate accidents occur. The Market is not a place to bring pets that exhibit signs of fear, aggression or over-excited behavior. Please make sure everyone remains safe at our market by following these rules.

Q: Why is the summer Woodland Park Farmers Market open on Fridays instead of the weekend?
A: When the market started many of our farmers/growers/vendors were already committed to markets in other cities on Saturdays and Sundays. By having our market on Friday, we greatly increase the number of outstanding vendors for you to find. It also gives our volunteers the weekend free!

Q: Why does the summer Woodland Park Farmers Market close at 1pm?
A: Many of our farmers/growers/vendors requested the 1pm closing time. They need to get back to the farms/gardens to pick produce in the cooler afternoon/evening hours for the following days markets. Weather is also a factor - we who live in the mountains know that when summer rain showers come, it is usually after 1pm.

Q: Is the Woodland Park Farmers Market Open Year Round?
A: Partially. The Woodland Park Farmers Market is open every Friday from 8am-1pm during the months of June-September. The Winter Market is open on some Saturdays in December, April & May from 9am-1pm indoors at the Ute Pass Cultural Center.

Q: Can I purchase arts and crafts at the Woodland Park Farmers Market?
A: We have a small number of arts and crafts. We strictly stick to a minimum 60% agriculture/garden/food connection…but we do have some craft vendors who hand-make their product. There is a separate Woodland Park Arts & Crafts Fair, privately owned, and operating at the same day & time as the farmers' market,  in an adjacent site on Henrietta Avenue. Visit their Facebook page for more info.  *Note, Market Bucks and SNAP vouchers can only be spent in the farmers' market.

Q: Does the city of Woodland Park run the Woodland Park Farmers Market?
A: No, the WPFM is governed by the Teller County Farmers Market Association, an independent non-profit entity with 501(c)3 status supported by merchant fees, donations, sponsors  & grants. The market operates on a small budget that must support a large array of operating expenses that includes insurance, permits, licenses, signage, utilities, disposal, improvements, marketing, some  part-time staff and more.

Q: Why do we believe the Market place is temporarily a private place?

A: While city parks, streets, sidewalks, are public fora, and the City does not impose content-based restrictions as long as it is peaceful, reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on speech are permissible. Restrictions must be content neutral, serve a significant government interest, be narrowly tailored, and leave open adequate alternatives for expression. Time, place, and manner restrictions upheld by SCOTUS include restrictions on picketing on sidewalks adjacent to schools, restrictions on distributing literature or soliciting funds at a state fair, creation of a buffer zone around an abortion clinic, restrictions on a sidewalk leading to a post office, and restrictions on placing campaign signs on public utility poles. An argument can be made that we are not discriminating on content since it covers all political speech; a better argument is that while we occupy the space, it is not a public forum. Not even the sidewalks. 

This argument, the one I will make to people who ask, is that while we are renting/occupying City space, that space becomes what in legal terms is called a “leasehold interest,” a type of private property right – as though we rented the UPCC in its entirety and locked the doors -- thus making it our space while we occupy it and thus not subject to Government’s public forum rules. 

Cooking Demo Recipes

Here are the recipes used in the market cooking demo 2018. Have fun cooking!